Saturday, May 7, 2011

Elianto vs Shiseido Liquid Eyeliner

I was using Shiseido Liquid Eyeliner since maybe May or June last year.masa tu kira baru kira2 nak berjinak dengan liquid eyeliner la before that just guna pencil eyeliner. So, terus try Shiseido and I was really satisfied when using it because for me as a beginner it gave a really good result.Memang xpenah smudge.I continue using it until April this year.

I still remember that I was at First World Hotel,Genting when my sister,Ira accidently dropped it on the floor but I don't mind because I thought nothing bad will happened to the eyeliner. But I was wrong.After couple of days, I used it as usual when I wanna go out suddenly the ink masuk dalam mataku when I try to put it on my eyelid!

I was panicked so did my husband.He ask me to wash my eye.bayangkan masa tu dah siap sapu foundation sume and after that I had to redo my makeup! Memang serik rasanya nak guna eyeliner tu lagi.

So I want to try other brand tapi cam x jumpa plak yg sesuai.Konon2 nak salahkan diri sendiri la,so try guna balik Shiseido tu but end up jadi lagi sekali tp nasib baik kali ni xseteruk yg hari tu. Nak tak nak memang kena beli yg lain. I made a surveyed on other brand kat Watson and Guardian and jenguk2 jugak Clinique but cannot decide which one that can work as best as Shiseido.

Finally when I was at Bukit Tinggi Jusco my husband made me bought the Elianto eyeliner sbb xsempat orang nak tengok2 terus dia kata "kak bagi tengok yg liquid eyeliner tu"..then test2 terus amik! Hmmmm...I thought xpela just give it a try la maybe ok kot.

But hmmmm..what can I say,I'm not quite like it coz the brush is a bit halus and agak susah sbb kena celup2 dulu baru bleh apply on your eyelid.maybe for me la.I guess I have to continue using the Shiseido one but need to be extra careful before applying it.

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