Saturday, June 4, 2011

Makan2 at Manhattan Fish Market

before that I want to show u this

this was actually my sister's Double Chocolate Chip Ice Blended, when the cashier asked me what my name is I said "aaa(pause).....zue" there goes my name jadi Miss Azu wakakakaka

last Monday, my husband asked me if I wanted him to picked us up because he had a photo shoot at Kota Damansara,definitely I said yes.

After he done with his work we went to The Curve

Our meal of that day...

For my baby I gave her Baby Bites

Mama,it taste so goooooddddd....(yes sometimes she eat using her left hand..she change her hand on her own)

Look at my baby, she gave me a mama-I-want-some look hehe
just so you know I wore all pink that day from blazer,scarf,handbag(one of my favorite handbag )that my sister really geli2 to look at me

What can I say,I'm a pink lover...I mean a very huge pink lover!

Only him the one who understand..obviously he's my husband hehe

Thanks for the treats sayang!

Pengantin basi hahahaha

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