Thursday, December 3, 2009

Want to reward myself

i'm totally not in a mood right now
with this headache and other things
just now en.zas told me that he need to leave me at Sunway Piramid(he felt guilty bout that) coz he have an asignment at Sunway(i'm not sure Sunway Piramid or Sunway Lagoon) at 8 pm but he cannot bring me in bcoz he only have one pass for the concert

** he actually upset about this things but what to do his job is important right, he still want me to be close with him that's why he refused to send me home plus the jammed things. kang langsung xsampai plak di kat tmpt asgnment kalau hantar zue balik dulu!

so i've decide to spend my money and buy what ever i want without thinking about the price like i always do. i just want to treat myself today.lantak la kalau ter spend banyak pun.

we'll see jadi ke x plan zue ni...

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